Gameloft’s First Unreal Engine Based Game Gets A Trailer, Is Called Wild Blood

Earlier this month Gameloft posted a screenshot of their first ever Unreal Engine based game on their Facebook page. That screenshot was supposed to give out a clue of some sorts. They also asked for your vote to unlock another screenshot or a trailer. And guess what everyone voted for? The trailer of course!

Wild Blood: Gameloft's First Unreal Engine Based Game [VIDEO]

Gameloft has released the trailer for their first Unreal Engine based game and it’s being called ‘Wild Blood‘. Apparently the trailer also has another hidden clue about the story of the game. As far as I can see though, the trailer begins with the text ‘Be prepared to relive history‘, is only 30 seconds long and has some pretty impressive graphics. Nothing more than that is revealed in the trailer.

It looks like the story is basically about a muscular guy with a cool burning sword who wants to kill all the creatures that come in his way. Wild Blood will be available on both iOS and Android, with an official release coming sometime next month. What do you make of this trailer? Have you figured out the clue and the storyline? Share your responses in the comments section below.

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