WhatsApp Serves 10 Billion Messages A Day; 4 Billion Sent, 6 Billion Received

According to BGR, WhatsApp, the multiplatform messaging service and text message replacement, has crossed the threshold of serving 10 billion messages a day. Considering that’s more than the population of the earth, that’s quite a feat. On the other hand, that’s counting both the sending and receiving of WhatsApp messages. All those texts are coming from WhatsApp users, as the service is a closed system.

WhatsApp iOS/Android App Serves 10 Billion Messages A Day

Admittedly, counting both the sending and the receiving of the same messages belongs somewhere in the marketing hall of fame alongside ‘fruit drink’ and ‘gluten free’ labels on products that generally don’t use wheat anyway, but even if you only count the four billion messages actually sent, that’s still an obscene amount of traffic.

More impressively, while 4 billion messages were sent, 6 billion were received. This means that 2 billion of those received messages were the result of WhatsApp’s group messaging features. It suggests that customers aren’t only using WhatsApp because they’re frugal; instead there’s a demand for group messaging that can’t be served by traditional SMS texts.

WhatsApp is currently the in Apple’s top ten lists for paid apps in 16 countries, 8 of which feature WhatsApp in the #1 position. These ratings are mostly in Europe, as it hasn’t broken into the top ten chart in the US. (Though right now it’s #5 in Canada.)

WhatsApp iOS/Android App Serves 10 Billion Messages A Day

Why isn’t WhatsApp more popular in the States?

What’s the reason for this disparity between adoption rates of WhatsApp in the US and Europe? Are people satisfied with their carriers texting service? Are they using other social network apps like Twitter and Facebook for multi-platform communication?

Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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    Um, looking at the US top charts, Whatsapp is the #1 paid app in the App Store. Those are really old screenshots. I don’t use it, though, as iMessage and texting are good and no one I know actually uses Whatsapp.