Twitter Could Soon Allow You To Edit Your Tweets

Right now if you make a mistake in your tweet the only way to fix it is delete it and then tweet it again, but sources close to a new project Twitter is working on has set things are set to change.

According to The Desk Twitter is currently working on a new feature that will allow you to edit tweets after they are published. It will work a lot like Facebook’s new editing feature, which was introduced in September. Apparently how it will work is after you publish a tweet, you’ll see an “edit” button next to it for a limited period of time (it’s currently unclear how long you’ll get to use it); and you’ll be able to make “slight changes” to the tweet without deleting it and republishing.

Edit Tweets

You only get one edit reportedly though, so if you don’t fix the error the first time then you are out of luck… it’s stuck that way. Any edits you do will also appear on your own timeline, your follower’s timeline and in retweets.

This new features is being added to give users the ability to “immediately debunk incorrect information, especially erroneous tweets that go viral,” The Desk explains. At the same time though Twitter doesn’t want to give its users too much freedom, which is why you will likely be limited to the amount of words and characters you can edit.

As if it was possible to change the entire tweet someone could change a viral tweet into an advertisement or promotion.

Twitter has of course declined comment, but The Desk has stated the feature will roll out in a matter of weeks.

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