TinyUmbrella Updated To v4.00.54 For Windows/Mac and v4.00.55 For Linux

Notcom has updated TinyUmbrella to v4.00.54 for Windows/Mac users and v4.00.55 for Linux users. For those who are unfamiliar with TinyUmbrella, it’s a tool to save your iOS 4 SHSH regardless of whether your iDevice is jailbroken.

How To: Save Your SHSHs With TinyUmbrella 4.00.26

Read below for FAQ: The Firmware Umbrella.

  • TinyUmbrella will save SHSH responses regardless of what firmware is on the device
  • TinyUmbrella’s default functionality is to request
  • The current firmware signed by Apple for your device
  • SHSH request is sent through Cydia so that Cydia has your SHSH
  • If you get a successful message in the console and you have used the default values do not bug me about when Cydia decides to reflect what versions you have saved. I cannot support Cydia questions.
  • Saurik (owner of Cydia) has nothing to do with TinyUmbrella. DO NOT bug him about SHSH’s not showing up on Cydia’s home screen. The mere fact that you got an SHSH response when pointing to Cydia means that he has your SHSH. Don’t bug him about it not showing up.
  • Incidentally, Cydia explicitly does not support iPhone4. If you want to save your SHSH through Cydia this is perfectly fine. I would strongly recommend saving through Cydia on an iPhone4 AND then saving again through Apple. Note: That only applies to iPhone4.
  • Once Apple stops signing requests for a certain firmware there is nothing you can do to get SHSH’s for older firmwares.
  • The only exception to this is if Cydia has the SHSH (simply select the firmware from the drop-down and make sure Cydia is selected) If you get a ‘device not eligible’ message it means Cydia does not have them saved. END OF DISCUSSION. You missed the boat. Get over it.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE to convert SHSHs from one firmware version to another or from one device type to another. DON’T ASK.
  • If TinyUmbrella gives you a message that it cannot start the server on port 80 because it is in use – this is a polite way of saying: Figure out what stuff is running on your computer and try again. Perhaps eventually I’ll put something in TinyUmbrella to give you the option of killing whatever is running on that port but for now I don’t feel like it. (read: it’s more than trivial)
  • TinyUmbrella requires administrator privileges AND Java 1.6 or above.
  • Mac users must take TinyUmbrella OUT of the DMG before trying to run it.
  • TinyUmbrella saves your files to a hidden directory so you don’t have to worry about managing them. If you really want to mess with them then they are in your HOME/.shsh directory. If you cannot figure out how to get to that directory then it’s highly unlikely you’ll be successful maintaining them…

TinyUmbrella v4.00.54 changelog:

Please try this if you’re having issues with iphone4 detection. (email me the umbrella log files from your home directory if you still have issues please) xsemaphorex@gmail.com

TinyUmbrella v4.00.55 changelog:

BE warned – Sometimes it’s flaky and will crash with a segfault but I’ve tested and found that on libimobiledevice 1.0.1 its far more stable than what it was!


Mac (v4.00.54)
Windows (v4.00.54)
Linux (v4.00.55)

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