Why Telltale Games Has Not Released The Walking Dead: The Game For Android

Teletale games, the developers behind adventure game adaptations for franchises like Sam & Max, Homestar Runner, and Back To The Future (as well as a Monkey’s Island revival), have recently released a game for the Walking Dead series on consoles, the PC, and iOS. The point and click adventure genre started out with mouse input, but is equally suited to the tablet’s screen. However Telltale has not released a port of the game for Android tablets.

The Walking Dead: The Game is an adaptation of the Walking Dead comics and TV series. It is also the most visually engaging game from Telltale yet.

An interview with Telltale’s Steve Allison (SVP of Publishing) reveals the reasons behind the lack of Android love. While they want to release their titles on android devices and have the technical capability to get the job done, “the disparate hardware specs, piracy concerns and state of the Android equivalent of the App Store make it very hard to bring [Telltale’s] games over to the Android OS.”

While we’ve seen similar concerns about android before, it’s interesting hearing about this issue from a developer that makes PC games. Isn’t Windows in the same boat? Desktop computers (and laptops, netbooks, ‘netvertibles,’ all-in-one PCs…) may have radically different specs, currently lack a centralized app store, and can run arbitrary code. We know that the PC is susceptible to piracy, as is the iPhone. So why does the Android version need to be built and sold “distinctly different than [Telltale does] today on all other platforms?”

This isn’t an outright ‘no’ to the possibility of a port of The Walking Dead: The Game on an Android tablet, but it does mean that Android gamers will be waiting a while to play the best modern adventure games (if they will ever get the opportunity).

Download The Walking Dead: The Game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (Universal) – $4.99 [iTunes App Store Link]

Why do you think Telltale is still publishing games on the PC if they’re avoiding Android? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • cho

    They are idiots, the iPhone gets hacked just as muchas android, devs need to stop making excuses for not doing anything. This is just a classic example of a good developer being lazy.

  • http://twitter.com/xtaxfree Thaliia

    How can I get it on my ipod? I had it before but i dont know what happened? I got addicted to this game -__- Mine is Jailbroken, any ideas???

  • Big daddy

    Gayyyyyyy Android >>>>>> Chodios

  • dontcontrolmeapple

    they are paid by apple to not port it to android system PERIOD

  • Wakatsik

    not releasing the game due to piracy?!? PC, xbox 360, PS3 & even apple products have piracy so how come the only alibi for not releasing the game in android platform is due to piracy?!? it is more acceptable to say that they don’t want to release the game in android platforms straight forward rather than making silly excuses.

  • bxbombers007

    lol I jailbroke my iphone and got this for free. Fail developer is FAIL

  • Yossi

    way easier to pirate on An iPhone than on an android device believe me

  • Derpdev

    Rofl! Stupid dev. I’ve been playing the shit out of this game on my JB’d ipad 3! Yup, downloaded from installous. Suckers.

  • shgreda

    Yes…piracy and hardware disparity on android are really bad. So lets release it on PC, a system that is infamous for those exact problems…and lets make it the lead system because that makes sense

  • ruslan

    Did you even read the fucking article

  • ruslan

    Do you actually know anything about what you’re saying. On android you download an APK file and run it, you can even do this through the browser. On iOS you have to go through all the hassle of jailbreaking and then install a third party app to get access to pirated apps.

  • Matthew Scott

    I have a tablet (Tegra 3) that is more than capable of running this game. As far as piracy, I am very sure iphone app piracy is just as bad. At least put up a

  • Matthew Scott

    Wow. I wouldn’t be telling everyone YOU know how to.

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    It’s readily available knowledge that you can load anything, including cracked applications, by side-loading apps. The tradeoff isn’t necessarily bad; while I don’t like piracy, why should Google, Apple, or Microsoft control what I do with the hardware I’ve purchased? They’re not a government. I didn’t vote for them. They have no accountability to me once I’ve purchased their hardware, so they should also have no authority.

  • disqus_Qmh3DMI6I9

    They need to start tying games on first play to online accounts, so if the install doesn’t match you tablet account… it won’t run i.e. someone who download your version.

  • dmills

    Considering that the vast majority of popular android tablets have a ubiquitous processor (tegra 3) with similar ram etc one has to wonder just what are the “disparate hardware specs” that he is speaking of?

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  • http://twitter.com/hayes_maker Andy Hayes

    they are right about the android play store being a piece of shit tho

  • Shaddy

    Hey Telltale please release this game on android platform i like this game because i already played his first three episodes on iphone now i changed my mob that is android and i want to play the 4th and 5th episodes of this game and its true there is no problems like this you mentioned in android just lame excuses nothing else.

  • Kohlton Timmons

    Apple has to be paying them to not release it or something. For people who say it will lag on Android or blah blah ive seen it lag like crazy on my dads iPhone 4s. I can play games like Gangstar Vegas and MC4 without a lag on my GS2

  • Lenea Tindugan

    If that is, wouldn’t the Telltale be doubled or even be tripled when they release it on Android? Or is it just an excuse because the developers are lazy to make an Android version -.- Wow, I’m pissed… I really have high hopes on a tablet vers

  • thisisstupied

    Is it really that hard to make the game for android if you can make it for everything else then why not make it for android? I mean come on they are just lazy they would make a ton of money if they made it for android!!!!!

  • Terarded

    thats absolute bullshit. as a common pirate I can easily proclaim that pirating on a pc is 100 times easier than android so there is no way thats the reason behind it. and even so, if a person is a pirate then hes going to always find a way to pirate so anyone who would be willing to pirate it on an android would be the equivelent of the jailbroken apple users meaning there would be no difference.

    these are seriouy the only games on these smartphones that would actually be worth playing and ive been excluded from that. not happy.

  • Jeoncs

    You’re kidding me right? The state of the app store? FYI I can pirate your games 100x easier on iOS than I can android…