The iPhone 4 has been jailbroken… But No Public Release!

Just this morning MuscleNerd Tweeted that the new iOS4 firmware has been jailbroken by PlanetBeing, comex and chpwn. They managed to develop a userland jailbreak that can jailbreak all devices including the iPhone 4, using a modded version of Spirit. The bad news, however is that this jailbreak can not be released because it uses some sort of Apple’s proprietary code (meaning it would technically be illegal to release). P0sixninja said that this jailbreak is more of a stepping stone for an iPhone 4 jailbreak and a release date is not scheduled because it is no where near complete. You can take a look at a screenshot of Cydia running on the iPhone 4 below…

Even though there is no set release date for the iPhone 4 jailbreak this is still great news that it has been done and it is in the works. Unfortunately this means that this new jailbreak will not be ready for a little while and we will have to just sit tight and wait. Who else is waiting for an iPhone 4 jailbreak?

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  • candyer

    Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this one! I like the jailbreaking spirit.. Just I find some “iphone 4G in HD”from, you can reading it if you are interested.