Gameloft To Release The Dark Knight Rises Game For iOS And Android Devices Soon [VIDEO]

The Dark Knight Rises could very well be the best movie of the century, if all turns out to be good. For long time batman fans, the wait is almost over, there’s hardly a month left for the release of the final movie in the Batman trilogy. Gameloft, with help from Warner Bros. Games and DC Comics, has also decided to help in promoting the movie by announcing plans for a mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

Gameloft had recently released The Amazing Spiderman game too, and now they’ve promised to deliver a Dark Knight Rises game as well. The game, from the teaser trailer, looks impressive and involves a lot of choking-slamming action. It also looks strikingly similar to the Batman Begins game for PlayStation 2! Batman fans will be happy to know that the game will probably be released as soon as the movie is out. Check out the teaser trailer of The Dark Knight Rises for iOS below:

From the trailer, we can safely say that the graphics are going to be good and the gameplay will let us be the true heroes that we all are. Gameloft has been doing really well and bringing out amazing games for mobile devices. Both iOS and Android users will get the game, and we’ll let you know when it’s released. Who here is a Batman fan? Excited for the game?

[Via IGN]

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  • Arshan Bakshi

    This is kick-ass! :D