[UPDATED] WiFiSync Cydia Tweak: Sync Your iPhone To iTunes Over WiFi! [VIDEO]

Something I have wanted for a while now, is the ability to wirelessly sync my iPhone. To be able to sit on my couch, across the room from my computer, connect to my iTunes library and grab any new songs, movies, apps, or podcast that have recently downloaded, is merely a dream, right now. I had hoped to hear that this would be included in iPhone OS 4, but so far, this features is not offered.

Developer¬†Greg Hughes has created a new app, called “WiFiSync“, that allows you to pair your device with a client, running on your computer, over your home WiFi connection. Once paired, iTunes detects your device as being connected, allowing you to sync any media, just as if you were connected via USB. The client will work on Mac and Windows. No word on minimum firmware required.

Greg posted this video on YouTube today, and it is really blowing up!:

The app will be submitted to Apple this week. Although many speculate that it will not be approved, the developer has stated, on Twitter, that the app doesn’t break any “rules”, so he is hopeful. If it doesn’t get approved, maybe we’ll see you in Cydia, Greg!

UPDATE: The developer has posted another video, showing iTunes transfer music to an iPhone, over WiFi:

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  • http://www.ievolution.ca/ Dusty

    This is awesome! I've always wanted the ability to do this over WiFi. Next is 3G? :P

    Apple better approve it too!