Starbucks App Adds iOS 6 And Passbook Support

The Starbucks app from the Starbucks Coffee company was updated yesterday to take advantage of iOS 6 and the new Passbook feature. The new version of the app contains an export to Passbook option, allowing for customers quickly pay for their coffees with a scannable bar code tied to your Starbucks card. Account creation was also overhauled in the latest version of the app, so if you don’t already have a Rewards card with Starbucks it’s even easier to sign up.

Starbucks iOS App Updated With Passbook Support [Download Now]

With the new Starbucks app you can quickly turn your physical Starbucks cards into PassBook cards in iOS 6.

The sign-up process is now on one page, which involves your name, email address, birthday, physical address, and whether you want to subscribe to Starbucks’ newsletters. They are asking for a quite a bit of personal information, so you should decide if it’s worth free birthday beverages, refills, and the potential for earning a personalized (plastic) gold card.

Keep in mind that the rewards will be changing on October 16th, according to a Starbucks blog post. The company made a controversial decision last month to switch out their complementary flavored syrups and soy milk benefits going forward for faster access to freebies in their rewards program. Whether the 20% faster access to rewards offsets the $0.50 charge for a drop of soy milk will depend on how often you take advantage of your gold member refill perks. As a non-dairy drinker who likes my coffee dark, there are only benefits.

Starbucks iOS App Updated With Passbook Support [Download Now]

Starbucks’ simplified sign-up page

Download Starbucks for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – FREE [iTunes App Store]

Would you use Passbook over the in-app purchase card built into Starbucks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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