Spirit Source Code Released

Comex, creator of the Spirit jailbreak, has released his source code to the public. Now other iOS jailbreak devs, can create their own jailbreak tools for iOS 3.1.3, using comex’s code. The exploit used is no good for iOS 4, in it’s current form. Comex has said he might be able to make it work, but has decided to focus on a new exploit.

Comex had this to say on Twitter:

This is painful.  But.  *sigh*

To preempt any questions: this is not a new jailbreak or anything useful to non-developers.

Comex has also posted the Spirit source code on Github.

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  • nihilus53

    damn, so this is something for new jailbreaks to be done right? well what are people waiting for? comex's twitt is infested with ppl asking stuff. i think he should just release the jailbreak, this will help apple cover some holes. shit, cant wait to have my ios 4 jailbroken ipod…

  • rorypiper

    This is not for a new jailbreak. This is the code from the original. Not compatible with iOS4.

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