Snapseed Is iTunes’ App Of The Week, Available For Free For A Limited Time

You might remember that last week Apple offered Cut The Rope: Experiments for free as their App Of The Week. This week’s freebie app is Snapseed. This is for the full version of Snapseed, a Universal photo editing app which costs $5.

Snapseed's Selective Adjust mode allows for touchups through an innovate interface based on movable pucks

Snapseed has a collection of powerful photo editing tools. If you just want to quickly touch up your photos, there’s Automatic Adjust. If you want to take a more hands on approach there’s a Selective Adjust mode where you can place little pucks over the image that apply touch ups around a set radius. There’s the standard Tune Up settings you’d expect to find, which allow for fiddling with brightness, gamma, contrast, saturation and white balance. Straighten can fix crooked pictures and crop cuts them down. The Details setting affects sharpness.

There are also options for filters, which include Black and White, Vintage, Drama, Grunge, Center Focus, Frames, and Tilt-Shift. It’ll take some fiddling to get results with Snapseed that look like filters out of Instagram, but the sliders and options can provide for a lot more flexibility for individual shots.

While Snapseed has options for exporting to sites like Instagram and Twitter, it’s not restricted to users of casual photo sharing. Snapseed has support for heavy-duty uses: with the camera connector kit and the new iPad, Snapseed is capable of handling 20 megapixel shots in RAW format. It’s not Photoshop CS6, but with Snapseed you may be able to switch from your laptop to your iPad on most photoshoot trips.

Snapseed's tiltshift filter

Snapseed is free this week and there’s no reason not to grab it. Even if you’re not a photo buff, consider trying it out.

Download Snapseed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – FREE [iTunes Link]

What other paid apps would you like to see in the App Store for free? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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