Smart WiFi Toggler For Android Enables WiFi At Home And The Office, Disables WiFi On The Road

I turn my phone’s WiFi radio off when I’m not using it, mostly as a precaution to conserve battery life and to avoid getting alerts about nearby hotspots. But wouldn’t it be better if your phone just ‘knew’ where it shouldn’t be scanning for every wireless network in sight?

Smart WiFi Toggler Review

Smart WiFi Toggler settings

The tool: Smart WiFi Toggler is an Android app that runs in the “foreground”, only enabling WiFi in locations where you are expected to use WiFi. With Smart Wifi Toggler installed, you won’t be wasting your battery on an empty WiFi signal, or spending from your limited data plan when there’s perfectly good WiFi in the air. Just set your WiFi networks and the locations where you’ll be using them, and you’re good to go.

You might be wondering how you can save battery drain from WiFi by using location tracking–which tends to be costly itself in terms of power use. The trick is Smart WiFi Toggler uses your network location, active whenever you have cellular reception, instead of the highly accurate but power-hungry GPS radio.

Caveats: The biggest downside with Smart WiFi Toggler is it sneaks another ugly icon into the notification bar. This might change in the near future, as the developer has received a number of complaints already. If the icon could be invisible while still remaining persistent, Smart Wifi Toggler would be a perfect Android utility.

Smart WiFi Toggler Google Play Store

The utility may also not be ideal if you spend a lot of time in your neighborhood or around your workplace when you aren’t at home or at work, since your network location isn’t as sensitive as your GPS location–in these situations, your phone might not know to shut off WiFi.

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