SiriProxy And ioBridge Allows For Automated Appliances

Running around your entire house near bedtime to insure your lights are all off, fireplace is turned down, and your lovely display of Christmas lights are off have you too tired? Well look at what your favourite voice assistant can help you do!

With the help of ioBridge, which is a small module that allows you to web-enable your projects, and the combination of the released SiriProxy plugin, a voice-controlled house is possible. Using the simple SiriProxy plugin in to call a PHP file on your web server, which in turnes triggers the ioBridge to send the X10 command to your desired device, you are able to control them via Siri.

For this undertaking you will need the following:

Step 1:

Setup up Siri Proxy successfully and the ioBridge module setup with X10.

Step 2:

Create individual PHP files for each action and upload them to a folder on your website.

Step 3:

Create a custom Siri voice command to open the URL of the PHP file you uploaded (this will trigger the X10 action and turns your device on/off)

When creating your custom PHP files for each individual action the following script may be helpful:

$widgetID = ‘mywidgetID'; $state = ‘0’;

Using the above PHP script, you can create CRON jobs to schedule tasks such as turning off your fireplace at 11:00 PM.

This is an example for turning on a living room lamp:

#Turn on Living room lamp

listen_for /siri turn on the living room lamp/i do


say “Turning on your living room lamp”



This can be done on a Windows platform but it will be more difficult, but either way it requires you to be on your home wireless network, unless you have set up a VPN. Also, don’t worry if your iPhone 4S isn’t jailbroken, it doesn’t matter, any iPhone 4S will do.

Don’t believe us that this will work, well enjoy this video then:

What custom actions will you set up or want to see with Siri voice-control? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

[Via MarkHodder]

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  • Leewsimpson

    Next step, link it to IPhone location. When you get home turn on lights, when you leave, turn them off.

  • David Ruvolo

    can you provide a link to the PHP plugin? i can’t seem to find that