Siri Can One Day Start Your Car [VIDEO]

A few days ago we brought you a video showing off how a developer figured out a way to have Siri redirect through his proxy server to enable him to control his thermostat. Well it looks likes another developer took that proxy server and has found another use for Siri. Don’t want to run downstairs to grab your car starter on your eyes, don’t worry, Siri is here to the rescue!

Using the same proxy server, this developer hooked it up to his Viper Car system to allow Siri to send commands to control the same functions his car starter does. Locking, unlocking, starting, stopping, even popping open the trunk, is now only a voice chat away with Siri. The developer was even able to keep the conversational aspect of Siri allowing her to recognize expressions such as “lock the trunk” or “start my car” instead of the well scripted “Vehicle Start.” Obviously this sort of technology will not find its way into our lives for some time, but it is impressive as more and more developers and people tinker and play with Siri, the different things she is truly capable of. You may remember some Sci-fi movies showing off voice-controlled households, well that sort of life may not be too outlandish.

Obviously it will be some time before this happens, or Apple will allow third-parties partial or full access to use Siri in applications, but we can all dream can’t we.

How would you like to see Siri be used in the future? Head on over to our comments section to share your dreams.

[Via Fiquett]

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  • Vigasan

    Laziness at it’s pinnacle. Why not just press the UNLOCK/START button on the remote? Sure it doesn’t require you to take your keys out but you’re going to have your keys on you anyways. Taking remote key out is easier than taking your phone out, unlocking, launching siri, giving command.

  • Metroid88

    It’s just to test the capabilities of “hacked siri” it’s up to you if you consider it or think it’s useful

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