Siri Can Even Control Your Room

With the wonder of the Siri proxy server that we discussed earlier, there are more and more videos showing off some great uses of the server in order to control numerous devices. So far we have seen Siri be able to control your thermostat, Plex, and even locking or starting your vehicle. While those are great uses of Siri, how many people ever find themselves just crawling into bed, but you forgot to turn off a light or close your curtains? Well here is another very sweet use of Siri to solve all those issues!

Now with just a quick voice command curtains can be shut, lights can be turned on or off and other electronics are at your control. This may be a scary thing to think about how down the future we may have full control of not only our room but our entire house all but a voice recognition software.

What part of you life would you like to see be controlled by voice command like this? Let them rip in the comments below.

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