Cut The Rope Developer ZeptoLab Releases New iOS Game ‘Pudding Monsters’

ZeptoLab has done it again. Their previous title Cut the Rope was a huge success and this one’s just as good. Pudding Monsters is a new, equally addicting puzzle adventure for iOS that has a very different and innovative game-play. If you had fun playing Cut the Rope, then Pudding Monsters will give you some more.

Pudding Monsters are cute little creatures whose main goal is to save their friends from being eaten by the fridge owner. So, you’re basically a bunch of delicious pudding and you can’t get eaten (How do you not eat delicious pudding?). Anyway, to save your friends, you have to stick the little Pudding Monsters together to form a huge Pudding Monster. The holidays are only getting better.

Pudding Monsters iOS

The game comes with 3 different episodes called ‘Fridge Escape, Room Invaders, and The Neighborhood’, each consisting of 25 levels. The game gets tougher as you proceed towards the 25th level, which only surfaces once you finish the remaining 24. So that’s a total of 75 levels, for now. Move the monsters around to join them, but be careful, once you slide them, they won’t stop until they hit an obstacle or another monster. Oh yes, there are obstacles to look out for and use to your advantage. Also, not all monsters behave the same.

Overall, it’s a really fun and addicting game that you must have on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Pudding Monsters for iOS isn’t a universal app and they don’t sync either, which means you can’t continue where you left off. Watch the gameplay trailer below:

Both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad versions are available in the App Store for $0.99. Go grab it now and let us know what you think of the Pudding Monsters.

Download Pudding Monsters for iPhone and iPod Touch [iTunes link]

Download Pudding Monsters HD for iPad [iTunes link]

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