Fake Pokemon Yellow iPhone App Is The Second Most Downloaded App From The Canadian App Store

If you were a fan of the Nintendo Pokemon games, hopefully you were not a victim to the latest App Store scam involving an application called Pokemon Yellow. The Pokemon Yellow application was actually just released over the weekend and has already managed to climb its way up to the 2nd most download iPhone application in Canada. If this were indeed a legit application there would be nothing wrong with climbing the App Store ranks, but Pokemon Yellow is nothing more than a scam.

Pokemon Yellow iOS App

According to nearly 2000 user reviews of Pokemon Yellow the application will not launch or will not even make it past the loading screen. Besides the horrible user reviews, amounting to a mere one in a half star ranking, the applications description gives even more evidence that this application is not-so-legit. Looking at the Press Quotes Pokemon Yellow sounds like a great application that will bring back your childhood memories. Unfortunately however, there are no websites corresponding to these “great” reviews, which obviously means the developer has made these reviews up.

Hopefully one day Nintendo may actually start developing iOS applications so we can replay some of the classic games like Pokemon on our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. At this time however, please do not be fooled by this fake Pokemon application that will more than likely be removed from the App Store any time now. Were you fooled by the Pokemon Yellow iOS app? Please share your responses or thoughts about this ordeal in the comments section below…

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  • No

    I wasn’t a victim but I would pay 20$ for a Pokemon game out of the fab 3 (red, blue, yellow).

    I would play the hell out of it

  • Guest

    I think people fell for it because the icon looks really nice, crisp, and “official”.

    That, and people are too stupid to realize that:
    1) If Nintendo actually released this, news of this would go worldwide.
    2) It was released by a guy whose name is not “Nintendo”.
    3) They did not read the overwhelming negative reviews and purchased on impulse.

  • Jay

    It was in installous as the most popular app. Good thing I didn’t have to pay to get scammed. :P

  • Jfes100

    My friend had a version of pokemon yellow on his ipod, I guess he jailbroke.
    I feel like an idiot.

  • Bob

    yea but i got frm installous so no biggie also i can jus play pokemon on my ipad with a emulator