Pod2g Launching App For Release In The iTunes Store; Joshua Tucker Says It’s “Great”

We know Pod2g as the developer behind the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak exploit, a key figure behind the iOS 5.1.1 Absinthe jailbreak ‘dream team’, and a vocal advocate for more freedom to developers in iOS–but did you know he was working on a app that will be available on iTunes on January 12th?

We’ve previously heard about Pod2g’s mystery application when it was announced on January 1st, and again on January 4th, when the France-based developer provided explanation for the #weWantAnOpeniOS Twitter campaign. The developer clarified that he did not give up on the iOS 6 jailbreak, as he was not working on the jailbreak at the time, instead focusing on his “application and other projects.”


Pod2g announces the release date of his first App Store application, with no indication of what it will be.

(For those of you concerned about the state of the iOS 6 jailbreak, Pod2g assured his followers that, “the jailbreak is being developed in the underground, and is just not ready for a public release.” This was later confirmed by Planetbeing, who is saving his exploits for the upcoming iOS 6.1 update.)

Pod2g hasn’t dropped any hints as to what his first App Store-distributed application will be. One follower on twitter joked, “It will include a hidden tethering feature, a backdoor to the filesystem and a bunch of cats…”. A jailbreak writer/developer by the name of Joshua Tucker–co-creator of popular Cydia tweaks such as CallBar, Emblem, and Merge–seems to have had hands-on time with the application and was very enthusiastic to recommend the app, but remains silent on the details:

pod2g app

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UPDATE #1: podDJ is now available to download in the iTunes App Store. Direct link below:

Download podDJ for iPad [iTunes Link]

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