Paper For iPad Updated With New Color Mixer, Enhanced Pressure Input And New Palettes

Developer FiftyThree has released a new update for the award-winning iPad app, Paper. If you’re a creative person, enjoy drawing and own an iPad, then you really have to try the free Paper app.

Version 1.2.1 of Paper for iPad brings a new feature called mixer, which lets you mix colors from the palette to create a new color. The circular mixer lets you choose different colors by tapping on a color and then you swipe in a clockwise motion to mix and anti-clockwise to un-mix. Like a mixture? Long press and save it to create your own custom palettes. If you don’t like to mix colors, then there’s also a set of new palettes with colors that naturally go well together. Watch the video below to see the mixer and new color palettes in action.

Along with the mixer and new color palettes, Paper for iPad’s latest update also adds enhanced pressure input for the Pogo Connect stylus. That’s thanks to the amazing¬†Expressive Ink Engine on the Paper app. The mixer is an in-app purchase, which costs $1.99. The new palettes is part of the free update. Paper for iPad is available for free in the App Store.

Download Paper for iPad from the App Store [iTunes Link]

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