OS X Mountain Lion Will Link DVD-Installed Apple Software

With yesterdays’s surprising announcement of the next upcoming operating system for the Apple Mac computers, OS X Mountain Lion we saw many new features such as iCloud integration into documents, Notification Center, Airplay Mirroring, Twitter integration and more. One of the lesser important changes was the removal of a dedicated “Software Update” button that has been present in the operating systems for years. Instead Apple will be using their Mac App Store to handle all updates. This is great if you buy all of your software from the Mac App Store, but there are many other people that do not.

For those who do no purchase their software from the Mac App Store, Apple has a solution. The Mountain Lion App Store will automatically detect any app that has been updated in the past through Software Update and ask you if you want to register it to your Apple ID along with a unique hardware identifier. Basically, the App Store will be able to detect Apple applications that were purchased outside of the App Store and manage the updates through the Mac App Store interface.

This could mean that these applications could be downloaded to any Mac that is tied to that Mac App Store account. With yesterday’s announcement are you impressed by the features and direction of Mountain Lion, or were you a little disappointed? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

[Via CultofMac]

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  • Noah King

    New zealand has a thing called data-caps, this just fucks us over!