New iOS 4 Jailbreak Confirmed, from iPhone Dev Team

Well, we already knew iPhone 4 was jailbroken with a new exploit found by comex, the guy who brought us the Spirit jailbreak, for iOS 3.1.3. What we didn’t know for sure, is if they were going to release it or not. In a recent post from iPhone Dev Team member, Musclenerd, we have learned that there is definitely a release coming soon.

jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release :) so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

It is still unclear if this will simply be an update to Spirit, or a new tool all together, but we do know that it will use another userland exploit, so the jailbreak process will probably be a simple one button solution. There is no release date for this new tool. The iPhone Dev Team tends to not give release dates, in case they hit a snag, and can’t release on time. Please don’t bother them about it. We’ll get it when they’re good and ready.

Apple recently announced an update to iOS4 that will be released in the coming weeks, so they will probably wait to make sure it is still compatible.

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  • Arvish

    hi,i have an iphone 32 gb 3gs and i want to use another is locked on orange network.
    Details from Forecast Application
    Jailbreakable:yes(Don't Upgrade!)
    Unlockable; NO
    Can any1 please help me?

  • Bruceweinstein

    Hi Can you upgrade iPhone 4 to 4.1 if it is not jailbroken and you want to jailbreak it once devteam gets jailbreak for 4.1 figured out?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but make sure you save your SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella, on your current firmware, before updating, just in case you need them for the new jailbreak.

  • Anonymous

    That info is outdated. Ultrasn0w will unlock your baseband.