New Firmware Coming Means Back Up Your SHSH Blobs

We all know there is a new firmware right around the corner. For iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3g owners, this means that if you want to ensure you keep your jailbreak, you have to make sure your SHSH blobs are backed up for your current firmware.

My personal opinion, is that the latest beta we’ve seen, iOS 4.1, is what will be released in the fall, when Apple does their iPod refresh. There is a big push for Game Center and multiplayer gaming in iOS 4.1, which, I think, could be the “one more thing” about iPod Touch 4G. If there is a reception issue fix coming, it will be in an iOS 4.0.1 update.

That being said, you’ll still need to back up your SHSH blobs. We’ve been updating you on the progress of TinyUmbrella, and now this is probably the easiest way to back up your SHSH blobs, right to the Cydia server. You can download the current version, here. It is a platform wide tool, so everyone can use this.

Here’s a breif tutorial we posted a while back. These screenshots ore from version 4.00.26.

– Open TinyUmbrella and connect your device.

– You can go into Advanced Settings, to manually select your device and where you want to save your SHSHs.

– Then simply click “Save My SHSH”, and TinyUmbrella automatcially grabs your SHSH and uploads it to Saurik’s server.

– Then, when you need to restore, click the “Start TSS Server” button, and it will make iTunes call Saurik’s server, instead of Apple, to grab the signature for whatever firmware you’re installing.

Once the restore is complete, you will most likely have a 10XX error. Specifically, iPhone 4 will give you a 1004 error, and if your baseband doesn’t match your firmware, you’ll get a 1014 or 1015 error. If you get one of these errors, your device will be stuck in recovery mode. Simply click the “Kick Device Out of Recovery” and your device will reboot to the lockscreen, or activation screen, depending on the firmware you’re using for restore.

This won’t show up in Cydia right away. Give Saurik some time update Cydia to show iOS 4 SHSHs. If you click the “Display SHSHs” button, you’ll see what has been backed up.

Get your SHSH’s backed up now!

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