[UPDATE] New Exploit Discovered. New Jailbreak to Come!

Just as iOS 4.1 was being released to the world, the iPhone Dev Team have confirmed that a new bootrom exploit has been found, making iOS 4.1 vulnerable to jailbreaking. The bootrom exploit is the holy grail for exploits, is it is gives us a “pwned for life” jailbreak, like the older devices. Musclenerd, of the iPhone Dev Team had this to say on Twitter:

Crazy timing that @pod2g got latest exploit just as 4.1 went public (lots of work left…keep away from 4.1 for now!)

We have heard rumblings of this “pod2g” for a couple of days now. Certian members of the jailbreak community have been giving congrats, but we didn’t really kno why until now. The hacker that goes by the name “pod2g”, is now on Twitter, (@pod2g)with the rest of the iPhone Dev Team, so follow him for the most accurate updates.

There is no release date for the new jailbreak. The exploit was just confirmed, so there is a tonne of work today, before it can be released. Depending on the exploit and the time line, we may not see this release until iOS 4.2, in November, so that the iPad can take advantage of this new exploit. We’ll have to wait and get official word from the iPhone Dev Team on that.

We can not stress enough: do not update to iOS 4.1 right now, if you want to keep your unlock and jailbreak. We have no idea how long it will take for a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 to be released. rorypiper

UPDATE: Musclenerd has now confirmed that this exploit works on iPhone 4, iPad, and the new iPod Touch!

That latest exploit from @pod2g confirmed to work beyond iPhone4…also on at least iPad and yesterday’s iPod4G too :)

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  • Anonymous

    gah! major proximity sensor issues are driving me mad! hopefully it’ll be before november :P