Netflix Has Finally Been Updated With Support For The iPhone 5 Widescreen (16:9) Display

Just when it seemed like Netflix was leaving those who purchased an iPhone 5 in the dark, they have finally released an update to their iOS Netflix app to bring about support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

White Chicks iPhone 5 Netflix

Keenen Ivory Wayans’ “White Chicks” playing on the iPhone 5’s new 16:9 widescreen display

Popular apps have been releasing iPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatibility updates over the last week or so such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Due to the fact that the iPhone 5 has a widescreen (16:9) display , it is important apps release updates to avoid being letterboxed. This is especially the case with multimedia applications like Netflix because the new aspect ratio of the iPhone 5 is so beneficial.

Resident Evil:Extinction iPhone 5 Netflix

Russell Mulcahy’s “Resident Evil: Extinction” playing on the iPhone 5’s new 16:9 widescreen display

After playing around with the new Netflix update, it truly is amazing how good movies and TV shows look on the iPhone 5’s widescreen display. Another nice addition to this new version of Netflix (v2.4) is improved browsing, searching and watching experience. Navigating through Netflix is now more responsive than ever and the difference in speed compared to the previous version is definitely noticeable.

You can download Netflix v2.4 with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support from the Apple App Store by clicking the direct download link below.

Download Netflix v2.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [iTunes Link]

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