Nearly 100 Flappy Bird Clones Have Been Released In The Last 24 Hours

Even though the Flappy Bird madness is finally dying down since the game was removed from the App Store, this doesn’t mean it isn’t popular anymore. The demand has been so high for Flappy Bird that developers have been trying to desperately “cash in.”

According to a report released by The Guardian there have been close to 100 Flappy Bird clones hitting the iTunes AppStore almost everyday. This means almost 1 / 3 of iOS games being released are Flappy Bird clones (a scary thought I know). The vast majority of these will sink without trace, of course, but it is still a staggering number.

Tappy Bieber App

At its height Flappy Bird was making $50,000 / day so it is obvious why developers want to try to replicate that same success. And a lot of developers have gotten close, if you look at the top 5 games in the US they fall in the Flappy genre – Flappy Wings, Hoppy Frog, Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball and Splashy Fish.

Although it was reported Flappy Bird clones were getting rejected, it doesn’t look like Apple has been very successful enforcing that rule. With that said most of these clones will be forgotted

Take a look at some of the latest Flappy Bird clones:

  • Tappy Bieber
  • Flying Duckie
  • Flappy Penguin – Revenge
  • Easy Flappy Penguin
  • Flappy The City Flyer – Premium
  • Flying Rainbow Cat
  • Wander Ghost
  • Tappy Nyan
  • Flappy Monsters
  • Splashy Bird Ghost
  • Floppy Spongy
  • Tappy Duck – The Journey of a Flying Bird
  • Real Bird: Tap to Fly!
  • Flying Unicorn – Fly Like a Bird!
  • Floating Felix

What’s your favourite Flappy Bird clone? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Nader Zantout

    Why don’t they just, like, reject them all? This is horrible nonsense!