AFK? Minecraft Reality Lets You Share Your Creations Outdoors On iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch

Minecraft Reality is a new iOS app from 13th labs–which launched on iTunes this weekend–and is officially supported by Minecraft’s creators at Mojang. The Minecraft Reality app is something like “lego meets augmented reality,” where users take objects built with Minecraft and–by using cameras, GPS, and software–insert them into the real world. Once planted, anyone with the app can walk around, peering through the lenses in their phones and tablets, and see the object as virtual graffiti.

Minecraft Reality App For iOS: Share Creations Outdoors

Room for rent.

From what we’ve seen and what Minecraft Reality’s developers have shared, the app is capable of some impressive results, including blocky cars idling on real streets, a Boeing 747 flying over dryers in a public laundromat, and minecraft houses placed beside real buildings.

We’re not sure whether this service is curated (not likely), so there’s always the danger that the virtual cityscape will feature, say, buildings with added anatomy.

Minecraft Reality App For iOS: Share Creations Outdoors

The interface includes support for the iPhone 5’s taller screen.

If you want to share your creations, the upload page for Minecraft Reality is; you don’t need to have an account. The uploader–which currently isn’t the most intuitive tool we’ve seen–accepts .mca files taken from Minecraft. According to a note on the site, the next version of the uploader “will be much more user friendly.”

There are caveats to Mindcraft Reality: It doesn’t support the iPod Touch 4G despite its listing in the requirements page, and the app includes only partial support for the iPhone 4. Ideally you should be using the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or 5th generation iPod Touch for full functionality. There’s no word on an Android version yet.

Download Minecraft Reality for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch — $1.99 [iTunes App Store Link]

Do you build in Minecraft ‘by hand’ or do you use a map editor? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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