Learn How to Install MobileTerminal for the iOS4.1Firmware!

This post may be a bit repetitive if you read my last post on installing MobileTerminal for the iOS4 to iOS4.0.2 firmware (as the Step are actually the same). However, if you did not read my last post then this tutorial will come in handy. If you have recently jailbroken on the iOS4.1 firmware, you may have realized MobileTerminal by default, is not compatible with the iOS4.1 firmware. This can come as a real downer if you are looking to change your iDevices root password, or are looking to install some terminal applications like Pirni. Luckily for you, we have packaged a version of MobileTerminal that is compatible with the iOS4.1 Firmware. In this tutorial from iJailbreak.com, you will learn how to install MobileTerminal V4.2.6 for the iOS4.1 firmware.

Note: This version of MobileTerminal is compatible with all generations of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running the iOS4 to iOS4.1 firmware.

Installing MobileTerminal Your iOS4.1 iDevice

Step 1) – Just like in the last tutorial, the first thing you must obviously do to install MobileTerminal V4.2.6, is jailbreak your iDevice. Follow this tutorial.

Step 2) – Once you have jailbroken your iDevice, you will need to launch Cydia and add the following source, below by going into Manage > Sources > Edit > Add.

Once you have added the Repo to your iDevice, you will need to simply Search for MobileTerminal, via the search pane.

Step 3) – Once you see mobileterminal on the search results; install it to your iPod Touch, iPhone or even iPad. Note: Make sure you choose the right package; it will be named MobileTerminal (iOS4.1 Compatible).

Step 4) – After you install MobileTerminal iOS4.1 Compatible, you will be able to launch it from your Springboard. Wasn’t that easy? Now that you have MobileTerminal here are a couple of things you can do with it.

  • Change your iDevices Root Password (important)
  • Learn How to Perform a Man In the Middle Attack

Note: This version of MobileTerminal is a rewrite of the original MobileTerminal. As it is still in beta, it is missing some useful functions like scrolling, and preferences. A new version will be released soon, and we will keep you updated. What did you think about installing MobileTerminal on the iOS4.1 firmware?

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  • Nos

    It says there’s a problem overwriting previous terminal.deb
    I hit ok and nothing happens even when trying to install other
    Files it comes up with same message.
    Any help would b appreciated. I also don’t have a comp with internet
    Connection if a fix involves that.

  • jcypher

    I don’t understand why you don’t just get your updates into Cydia’s default repos. Adding repos is a small hassle and may make people suspicious or reluctant to install this excellent app. Thanks for updating it anyway!

  • inconnu

    Je ne vois pas mobile terminal sur mon springboard … :/

  • http://mobihax.tk robstodd

    works great. @jcypher he is fixing a big problem. thanks him and thats it

  • dniMretsaM

    It doesn’t find the repo. I found on that works though: http://www.podzombie.com/repository/

  • Guest

    Nice guide, followed everything and it works perfectly. Just not sure if podzombie is trust worthy? i dont know much about jail broken iphones, besides that they are extremely vulnerable when first JB’d. Since you would need a terminal to change the root passwords, mobileterminal has to be clean of any root kits first. I tried looking up to see if it was trustworthy but i couldnt really find any reviews about it. Other then that, this guide is a good alternative to using a manual .deb install method.

  • Jadeneastonellett

    thanks for the comment, I am glad it worked for you! Yeah PodZombie is trustworthy that was my old website haha :) I understand what you are saying though, manual method does work great!