Learn How To Install MobileTerminal Alpha on Your iDevice! [Manual]

If you read my last post on Clearing up some confusion on iOS4 MobileTerminal , you will realize that Allen Porters MobileTerminal V4.2.6 is a different project from the original MobileTerminal that ran on the 3xx firmware. That is why MobileTerminal V4.2.6 (which I uploaded to our repository), is missing so many features like gestures, scrolling etc… This is why Saurik has stepped up and started working on porting MobileTerminal V3.6.4 to iOS4 iDevices. He recently Tweeted:

An alpha-quality MobileTerminal for iOS 3.2/4.0 (it hates some devices): http://bit.ly/aFaFmX

It is important to note that this is Alpha quality and will not work on all iDevices. Saurik only packaged MobileTerminal V3.6.4 for iOS4, to get users to report any bugs or errors they receive while using this new version of MobileTerminal. This version of MobileTerminal supports gestures, preferences and will have all the features that we came to love while using it on the 3xx firmware generation…


I am not going to upload this version of MobileTerminal to our Repository, as it will be added to Cydia once it finishes Alpha testing. I will however, write a quick tutorial on installing this version of MobileTerminal to your iDevice running iOS4. You will need to know how to SSH into your iDevice, to install the .deb file.

Note: As I had said earlier, this may not work on all iDevices. Report any errors or bugs you receive directly to @Saurik.

Installing MobileTerminal For iOS4

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is SSH into your iDevice. If you do not know how to do this follow this tutorial by iClarified.

Step 2) – Once you are in your iDevice via SHSH, you will need to navigate to the following directory: var/root/Media

Step 3) – Once you are in var/root/Media you will need to create a folder called: Cydia

Once you have created the folder Cydia, you will need to create a new folder inside of Cydia called: AutoInstall

Note: These folders are case sensitive. If you already see these folders, skip to the next step.

Step 4) – The next thing you will need to do is download the MobileTerminal.deb. Once you have downloaded MobileTerminal.deb, drag it into the AutoInstall folder you created earlier.

Step 5) – Once MobileTerminal.deb is inside the AutoInstall folder, you will need to reboot your iDevice.

After you have followed these steps, you should have MobileTerminal installed on your iOS4 iDevice. Some people report that you may need to reboot your iDevice twice to get MobileTerminal to appear on your Springboard. Did you install this alpha version of MobileTerminal to your iDevice?

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  • Tom

    Installed (ios4.0.1), working well, only 1 reboot required. Thanks!

  • PimpMyBride

    Likewise. Thank you kindly for the tutorial.

  • superknoppix

    step2 should be SSH… not SHSH

  • http://www.myspace.com/zatlacorps23 el c.

    yo yo yo it´s runnig….. ;)