JunoWallet: Legally Get Mobile App Apps And Gift Cards For Free!

Are you using AppSync to get apps free or would you just like to be legal and purchase apps via the App Store? Well, I would like to introduce you to a mobile app which lets you do just that, free of charge! JunoWallet, an app on all major mobile OS’s, where you install and engage with apps, watch videos, like fan pages and call businesses to earn credits which you can spend on gift cards.

JunoWallet statistics as of  December 2012

According to JunoWallet’s website, they offer a huge range of gift cards, which can be redeemed around the globe, online and in-store. The gift cards include PSN, iTunes, Amazon.com, eBay and hundreds more. Why would you pay for apps and gift cards when you can earn them easily and quickly? The end of pirating iOS apps has fallen upon us, Installous has just recently shut down, and JunoWallet is here. There are many JunoWallet like competitor – Tapporo, AppRedeem, but JunoWallet has been rated number #1 iFan app at MacWorld 2013.

But wait all you fellow jailbreakers! JunoWallet requires you to have an unjailbroken device to register for an account, therefore after creating an account, you can re-jailbreak. Rooted Androids work just fine without anything have to be done. Just don’t attempt to hack JunoWallet or you will be banned!

JunoWallet iPhone

JunoWallet is available on all app stores free of charge.

Install JunoWallet HTML5 for iOS.

Download BambooWallet for iOS (the assistant app).

Download JunoWallet for Android.

Download JunoWallet for Kindle.

Download JunoWallet for Windows Phone.

What are you thoughts? Will you use JunoWallet to get applications and gift cards for free?

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  • joe

    Junowallet rocks!

  • Amanda van helen

    Tapporo for Android is much friendly and easier , Junowallet ran by shady guy just google “chris sweis”

  • JunoMaster

    Hi, may i know how can we help you if you have any problem with Chris or JunoWallet, Thank You.

  • Desmond

    Nice try PR dude, no one praises this service without posting an invite code with it

  • Demond

    Pyramid scheme, the only way to get enough credits in less than 6 months is to invite a lot of people

  • http://twitter.com/7R1X13_M4NN traven kreil

    well i did everything and i am jailbroken so you might need to fix some things

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Losh-Loshan/100000432789997 Losh Loshan

    The most credits made in less than 6 months time, is actually about $2500. I think they have something coming called Rewards per engagement where you earn $0.75 per engagement, so I think there can be multiple engagements in the app. My first offer was something called mobile expression, where I earned $3.50 for installing a profile on my iPad for about a week. And there was one for iPhone worth about $2.50, in total I’ve earned like $175 in like 3 weeks time without inviting anyone. But I do guess it is a really good idea…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Losh-Loshan/100000432789997 Losh Loshan

    Hey, what do you mean, did you re-jailbreak then it didn’t allow you to login?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Losh-Loshan/100000432789997 Losh Loshan

    Hey, JunoWallet and other apps ban you if you post your invite code on the Apple App Store, this may be the reason why he didn’t post his invite code.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasondamastah Jasondamastah Lachman