iPhone 4 Jailbroken! New Spirit Coming!

The iPhone Dev Team have done it again! comex, planetbeing, and musclenerd are reporting on Twitter, that another userland jailbreak, like Spirit, has been found in iOS 4, which will jailbreak all devices running iOS 4, including iPhone 4!

Here is a couple of tweets, from the team:

Planetbeing: Think I’m the first one I know about to get a root shell (and SSH) on iPhone 4, using poor @comex’s code (since he has no iPhone 4).

Musclenerd: Congrats to @comex for another userland JB <– hi-res Cydia via @planetbeing & @chpwn iPhone4s

This is the first Cydia screen shot from an iPhone 4! 640 x 960 resolution!

Musclenerd shows off more proof of the iPhone 4 jailbreak:

This is huge news! This will most likely come as an update to the current Spirit jailbreak tool, but we don’t have confirmation on that. There is no release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

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  • Dave

    This is great I can't wait 

  • Denis Boisvert

    Yes .. Thats's big ! Don't know if there is a translation for the expression (meilleur des deux mondes) “Best of the two worlds”, running ios 4 and jailbreak ! Hope it will come soon

  • http://www.ievolution.ca/ Dusty

    Woot! Great to hear :)

  • JV4Life25

    Ok, i'm a big iPhone user. I believe that the iPhone it self is the most boring peices of equipment you can have. Yes the new iPhone update allows you to customise a background; semi like a jailbreak. personally, I do not even like using my iPhone when it is not jailbreaking. I updated my firmware thinking that the jailbreak was already out. Wat really bugs me is the fact that hackers have figured it out and have a fully functioning jailbreak, then brag about figuring it out to the public and not releasing it such as “iPhone Dev Team & Geohot” I'm pretty sure that GeoHot had the jailbreak for the 3.1.3 for about two months before he released it. This is really getting annoying, just release it already, WE ARE ALL WAITING

  • rorypiper

    Wow. My opinion is completely on the other end of the spectrum. Geohot or The iPhone Dev Team don't owe us anything. They are not obligated to release anything they discover. I feel, if an individual doesn't like the iPhone, there are tonnes of other smart phones on the market. People buy the iPhone, because they think it's best, no matter what. Just my opinion.