iPA God Has Now Gone OpenSource!

A few months ago we told you about an application called IPA God that allowed you to download and install cracked apps on a non jailbroken iDevice running up to the iOS4.2.1 firmware. There has been a lot of drama to do with IPA God over the last month or so, first it went on sale, then it wasn’t going to be available at all and now it has finally been released as opensource software. We are not going to go into much detail on IPA god because we do not support cracked applications, but if you are interested in obtaining IPA God for your non jailbroken iDevice, you can do so by clicking here .

Tips For Getting Apps Noticed By Apple

Now you may be wondering, how do you install IPA god on a non jailbroken iDevice? My answer to you is that it is actually difficult (near impossible) if you are not an Apple developer; so if you are not an Apple Developer unfortunately you will not be able to install IPA God. If you do have an Apple Developer certificate however, you will need to follow the steps below to get IPA God on your non jailbroken iDevice.

Installing IPA God with Apple Developer Certificate (Via SI.com)

  • You need a mac.
  • You need an apple developer certificate. (Paid developer program)
  • Open .xcodeproj
  • You need Xcode
  • Right click iPA God (Project) once opened Xcode, Set base SDK to iOS 4.2, Deployment target to iOS 3.0 and your developer certificate in CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY (any iOS)
  • Right click iPA God in targets folder and Set the developer certificate to yours
  • Click build there should be 0 errors
  • Follow readme.txt instructions

Note: iJailbreak.com does not in anyway support cracked apps. We suggest that you do not download IPA God, as it is illegal.

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    IPA God is only for pirated apps and more pirated apps as it advances. There’s nothing useful to true hackers. If you want to install a cracked app from one that would usually require jailbreak, you must use iResign instead.