iOS 6 Maps Source Code Hints At A Dedicated Maps App For Mac OS X

There’s a couple beta versions of Apple’s new first-party Maps application available these days, as Apple gets ready to say goodbye to Google Maps when iOS 6 gets an official release. A developer over at Technically Personal has taken a peek at the source code of the most recent Apple Maps beta, and found something quite interesting.

iOS 6 Maps Source Code

The source code contains instructions that would apply only to certain older Intel chipsets, which can be found in some Mac computers, but certainly can’t be found in any iPhones or iPads. This means there’s a pretty good chance that Apple’s software devs are building Apple Maps to be capable of running on OS X at some point in the future.

While it’s an interesting idea to have Apple Maps running on Macs, it seems a bit like an answer to a question no one asked in the first place. There’s plenty of browser-based mapping services that work quite well in OS X, and the point of an application like Apple Maps is usually to provide on-the-fly navigation. The beta of the app certainly looks well-equipped to serve that function on mobile iOS 6 devices, but unless users are expected to be carrying their MacBook around for directions, a Maps port to OS X doesn’t seem terribly useful.

On the other hand, it might be intended for use by developers, to be able to test things built with the Apple Maps API on their Macs. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple has in mind.

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