iBeacon Technology Could Also Be Used To Push Content To iOS Newsstand Publications

One thing to look forward to in 2014 is iBeacon technology. These small little sensors will change the retail experience forever and bringing into reality proximity marketing. Although there are mixed opinions on this, the adoption of this tech has already started with Macy’s being the first to implement it into one of their stores.

iOS 7 iBeacons

So what is iBeacon technology really? They are indoor positioning sensors based on Low Energy Bluetooth, otherwise known as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart. It uses its low energy Bluetooth sensors to send push notifications to iOS and Android devices when in close proximity to give information on particular items and let the person know about sales or discounts. There has even been some speculation it could be used as a new kind of point of sale wireless payment solutions that won’t require NFC.

Yet another potential use, however, includes the ability to provide free newspapers and magazines to guests.

The London-based Exact Editions is a location-based provider of magazine apps, and now lets businesses install iBeacon sensors that tell arriving iOS 7 devices that they’re there. iPhone and iPad-owning visitors will then be able to browse the business’ offer of publication for free


An iBeacon next to a cup of tea

You will of course need to download an app to read them, but it is free so there is no issue.

So the next time you go to a Coffee shop or are in a waiting room of sorts you may not have to wait for someone else to finish reading the Newspaper or Magazine you want to read.

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