The Government Is Calling For Greater Control Of App Privacy #ItsAboutTime

In 2012 we saw a lot of privacy scares to do with applications uploading your contacts and even photos to their servers without your permission. In fact, even Instagram proposed a new TOS update that would give them permission to use your photos in their advertising efforts.

These privacy scares have provoked certain individuals to take action and draft bills to regulate how developers access, store and use your personal data. One such example is the “Apps Act,” which BusinessInsider says “if enacted will govern advertising, user privacy and data tracking on mobile phones.”

You can learn more information about that Apps Act by visiting the official website. The first thing that drew my attention when I visited the website, was the headline “our apps should serve us – not spy on us.” Isn’t that a concept!?

Government Calling For Greater Control Of App Privacy

BusinessInsider explains that the Apps Act will “require apps to get explicit permission from users to take data from them, such as their name and email address. It also requires app developers to explain to users how their data will be used or shared with other companies. Most controversially, the act proposes that consumers should be able to delete their data at any time.”

This of course sounds all fine and dandy, but I bet you advertisers will fight it tooth and nail to the end. Nowadays a lot of developers are funded in large from the ads they serve, and thanks to data collection it is possible to serve users personalized ads that have better click through rates (obviously resulting in bigger paycheques for developers).

What do you think? Should developers be regulated by the data they can collect from you or are you an advocate of your personal information being used in benefit of the app’s developer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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