Google Seeds Test Version Of New iOS Maps App To Some, May Come With Turn-By-Turn Navigation

We’ve been hearing about this for awhile now, that Google has been developing a standalone version of their Google Maps app for iOS. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has seeded a test version of its iOS Maps app to some people outside of the company.

Ever since Apple ditched Google Maps and released their own Maps app in iOS 6, people have been wanting an alternative. Apple Maps, honestly, is nowhere as good as Google Maps. Apple said so themselves, and CEO Tim Cook even apologized to users. There have been various reports that Google had already submitted a Maps app, but Apple didn’t approve it. Most of them were denied by Google, but new reports from WSJ says otherwise.

Google has distributed a test version of its new mapping app that will work on Apple’s iPhones to some individuals outside the company, said a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Google has been putting the finishing touches on the app before submitting it for approval to the Apple iTunes store, this person said, though it’s unclear exactly when that will happen.

Apparently Google wants to perfect their Maps app for iOS before submitting it to the App Store for approval. They are currently applying ‘finishing touches’ to the app. The WSJ also notes that the iOS version of Google Maps will come with turn-by-turn navigation. If that is true, then no iOS user will want to use Apple Maps ever again, except for the occasional Flyover experience.

We’re not sure when exactly Google plans to submit the app or if Apple will actually approve it.¬†Do you think Apple will approve it? We’ll know soon enough.

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