Google Updates Chrome And Google+ For iOS With New Features And Fixes

Following Google’s release of Google Maps for iOS, the company updated its Google+ and Chrome apps. Both of the apps were updated with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Google’s social networking app, Google+, got plenty of new features that includes Google+ Communities, profile editing and a new visual stream design. The app also gets an updated¬†compose UI, kind of similar to the new Gmail compose, which makes sharing things super easy.

Google+ 4.0 For iOS

You also get the ability to subscribe to any Circle you like and receive notifications from them. Events now support different time zones and can show the number of guests you’re bringing. The new Find people feature lets you easily discover new people, stories, topics and more. That’s what you get with version 4.0 of Google+ for iOS.


Google Chrome for iOS has also been updated with a nice little feature. The new update adds the ability to continue the playback of sound even when the app is backgrounded. This is pretty cool, as now you can play any audio on Chrome, be it on YouTube or Vimeo, and continue listening to it while the app is running in the background. You can control the audio on Chrome using the iPod controls in the multitasking bar. A Chrome icon will replace the iPod icon. Also, a character encoding bug has been fixed in the latest version.

Google+ for iOS and Chrome for iOS are both available in the App Store for free. Download the new versions to see what’s new and let us know what you think.

Download Google+ for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

Download Chrome for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

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    Broke video audio thru loud speaker.