Google Maps Replacement gMaps Browser Includes Public Transit Routing

One of the features that we’ve missed most in Apple Maps is public transit routing. Improvements made in the mapping database can only go so far if you rely on the bus or subway for transportation. The route planning apps provided by cities are usually lackluster, if any are made available at all.

The interface is somewhat awkward at times, but provides a nice full screen view.

Luckily for those of us who use transit, there is now an app available that restores transit routing functionality to iOS 6. gMaps Browser not only throws in public transit routing, but also includes traffic reports, weather forecast, and Google Maps Street View.

Although gMaps Browser looks good on paper, users report that the app has bugs and issues of its own. If you’re browsing in other areas, gMaps will zoom back to your location. The interface is clumsy compared to both iOS 5′s Google Maps and iOS 6′s Apple Maps, and Street View has the same limitations as the web app. gMaps is only compatible with iOS 6, so if you’ve been holding out on updating, you won’t be able to try gMaps Browser out (unless you have a device that can safely be downgraded).

Still, if you’re on iOS 6 and you need an app that can handle the tasks that Apple Maps doesn’t support, you may want to give gMaps browser a try. A version with support of the iPhone 5′s screen is supposedly already submitted and waiting for review from Apple.

An iPad version is also available.

Download gMaps Browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – FREE [iTunes App Store]

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  • Gerhard Gruber

    2 things: If you Switch off locations, it won’t zoom back to your place.
    And it is not the same like the google maps Web version in street view: in gmaps browser you can go to any point on a street, in the web version you must choose a Special adress or you can only go to a POI ( what to do if there is none close…?)