Find Your Friends Using Siri On iPhone 4S

There are many things that Siri can do, some you may not even know of. For instance, did you know that you can find where your friends are using Siri on your iPhone 4S? Yes, that’s right, you can find your friends on the Find My Friends app using Siri’s voice assistant technology.

Apple released this social network app for iOS users along with the launch of iOS 5. With Find My Friends app, you can find where your friend is at any moment, if they have shared their info with you or are following you. The app shows the location of your friend or family on a map. I didn’t really get the whole point of the app, but it would be useful for some people.

We have already seen Siri doing many incredible things, such as control a house and more. To find your friends on the Find My Friend app, first launch the app and log in. Then background the app and ask Siri ‘Where your friend is’, ‘Find (your friends name)’ etc. It should open up the app and locate your friend. Pretty cool if you don’t want to use the app.

Do you use Find My Friends app? If you do then try it out now and let us know in the comments if Siri was able to locate your friend.

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  • Guest

    siri couldnt find my friend, altho she had an address FAIL

  • Guest 007

    This will only work if your friend(s) are using the app also. Not many people that I know want you to know their whereabouts all the time. So this app is useless in my book.