Final Fantasy All The Bravest Hits The Apple App Store, Prepare To Be Disappointed

Final Fantasy All The Bravest has been released into the Apple App Store for a respectable price of $3.99. Too bad the gameplay can’t be said the same of. For those of you who remember Final Fantasy All The Bravest, you will have recollection of its innovative combat system and party management options. This is essentially what made the game so popular. Square Enix decided that this was too complicated however, and dumbed the game down.

As PennyArcade explains “The game itself is dead simple. You have a stack of characters on one side of the screen, and Final Fantasy villains on the other. You tap your character to get them to attack, and then wait until their attack gauge refills before doing it again.”

That’s right almost the whole games is spent rubbing your finger up and down rows of characters. To make matters worse, Square Enix has implemented in-app purchases in probably one of the most degrading ways possible. To the point where to actually complete the game you will likely have to end up spending close to how much it costs on the console — $50 to $60.


You can read reviews from all different kinds of websites that all state Square Enix has really been letting fans down in their last couple of instalments with all the rampant in-app purchases. In-app purchases in-among-themselves aren’t such a bad thing, but when developers base their game to absolutely require them, then I would have rather paid a premium to actually own the whole game.

If you would still like to check out Final Fantasy All The Bravest, be my guest, you can download it from the direct link below.

Download Final Fantasy All The Bravest for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

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  • Dani Hayes

    Fuck you, Square Enix. I’m fine with NES emulator and playing the ROMs.

  • Chris Sosa