Fast Copy – Makes Cut/Copy/Paste Feel Much Snappier!

Fast Copy is a new tweak in Cydia, developed by Comex, which eliminates that slight delay you get when using the cut/copy/paste feature on your iDevice. This really feels like it makes your iDevice faster! Copy and paste is instant, with this tweak installed. It is also fully compatible with Ryan Petrich‘s Action Menu.

The editing menu (Copy, Paste Select All, etc.) always seems to lag for a moment with the button you pressed highlighted before actually performing the action. This is actually just a delay; this tweak removes it, making copying and pasting feel much snappier

Fast Copy is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository for free.


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  • Ryley

    This is awesome. I do a butt load of copy and paste with my work email. This makes it a lot less painstaking.