Facebook Releases A New Application Called Facebook Poke Into The App Store

Facebook already has a lot of applications in the App Store. These applications include Facebook Pages Manager, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera and of course the official Facebook app. It looks like Facebook wasn’t happy with just having four applications however, as the social networking giant has released another one today called Facebook Poke.

If you have ever heard of the application Snapchat, then you will understand Facebook Poke. Essentially what Facebook Poke is, is an application that allows for communication in a lightweight way.

Facebook Poke Released For iOS

As Facebook themselves explain:

With the Poke app, you can poke or send a message, photo, or video to Facebook friends to share what you’re up to in a lightweight way. You can poke an individual friend or several at once. Each message expires after a specific time you’ve set, either 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. When time runs out, the message disappears from the app.

Did Facebook really need to release Facebook Poke as a separate application? Not really. Personally I hate it when company’s try to spread their functionality across multiple product launches when the functionality they are bringing to the table could easily be implemented into an existing one. In Facebook’s case this could have been either Facebook Messenger or the official Facebook app.

Download Facebook Poke for iOS [iTunes Store]

What do you think? Will Facebook Poke be another successful application from Facebook or will it be a flop? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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  • NoahMaranesi

    One Facebook app is all that is needed! Maybe the Facebook Camera COULD get away with it, but, there is really no need to have different applications for every part of Facebook, really stupid…