Facebook’s New HTML 5 App Center Could Be Launched Tonight [Leaked iOS Screenshots]

In the beginning of May we told you that Facebook was looking to launch a cross-platform HTML 5 App Center in the coming weeks that would serve highly rated social apps which meet certain requirements. The apps mentioned in original press release included games like Draw Something and Bubble Witch Saga, companion networks to Facebook such as Pinterest, Viddy, and music streaming services like Spotify.

Facebook App Center Leaked Screenshots

With Facebook holding an “app-themed” event in San Francisco this evening it leads one to ponder the idea of whether or not they will be releasing the new HTML 5 App Center. Especially because TechCrunch was recently handed screenshots from an iPhone-user who is apparently already seeing it live. What is even more interesting is after these screenshots were posted over the internet Facebook actually responded with the following statement confirming that they are indeed testing the new App Center with a small percentage of users:

Since we announced the App Center to developers last month, we’ve been testing it with a small percentage of users. We have no further details to announce at this time

For those of you still wondering why Facebook would create their own App platform to compete with both Apple and Google, you need to realize they are not competing at all. Facebook’s App Center is going to act as a social layer that will help developers gain traction with new applications, and more importantly help you discover “hot” applications at a given time.

Facebook App Center Download

Do you think Facebook App Center is a good idea? Do you see yourself taking advantage of it? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below.

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