Facebook Camera For iPhone/iPod Touch Updates To v1.1, Improved Support For Long Captions, Download Now

Facebook’s flagship app was recently rebuilt to improve its speed and usability. The upgrade took a few cues from the previous version of Facebook Camera, and added more features. Fans of Facebook Camera will be glad to hear that those new additions are making their way back to Facebook’s dedicated photography and social picture streaming app. (The one which isn’t Instagram)

New text scrolling feature allows for longer captions.

Version 1.1 of Facebook camera includes key new features like improved support for long captions while in fullscreen mode. Instead of excerpting captions after a set number of characters, it is now possible to scroll down and read the full text. This is a feature that I’ve sorely missed in previous mobile versions of Facebook, when subscribed to Pages that put a lot of content in their captions.

Another new feature is the ability to select albums. This feature can be reached through the new album button located beside the location tag on the Post Photos screen. Tapping on the Album button brings up your existing albums on Facebook.

There are other minor usability updates and tweaks. As with the Facebook app, it’s now possible to like individual comments. You also have the option of receiving notifications for tags, likes and comments received on your Photos through Facebook Camera instead of the main Facebook app. Names and profile pictures now display for everyone who likes a photo, and there’s support for another ten languages, including French, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Highlighting Facebook Camera’s new upload to album setting.

Facebook Camera remains the incredible app it was when it was released shortly after Zuckerberg’s company acquired Instagram, but now includes more power-features. I’m not sure if I’d use Facebook Camera for photo notifications over the central Facebook app, but it’s good to have the option.

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