[UPDATED] Facebook App For iPad [Leak]

TechCrunch has reportedly uncovered the iPad native Facebook app in the most unusual of places, hidden in Facebooks native iPhone application (iTunes links). The extensive photo gallery can be found linked above. The writer states:

I’ve been playing with the app for much of the night, and it seems solid. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this is what Facebook will launch when the iPad app does officially hit, but this looks and feels about right.

In a recent update to the post, he adds :

Update: We’ve just talked to a source who had previous seen the app and says that this is in fact the app Facebook was intending to launch shortly. We’ll see if that gets sped up now.

So, with the release of a native iPad application next to imminent, let us know in the comments section below what you would like to see from our iOS developing friends over at Facebook. Enjoy!

Update #1:

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  • http://www.pepper.net Pepper

    OK, you left out the most important part. How to enable this new functionality on my iPad?

    1. (easiest method) install FullForce tweak, enable it for the FaceBook app. This will make the app open in iPad mode. You may also edit the app’s info.plist and change the device family to 2 if you are a more advanced user.
    2. Install chpwn’s FaceForward tweak which allows the app to logon.

  • http://www.pepper.net Pepper

    Actually, it may be that only step 2 is necessary (install FaceForward).

  • Justin

    Thanks.. the post is in the works. FullForce is no longer a solution, and has been reported patched/fixed. We decided to post a single article containing all of the available information, instead of pile up an article with updates.

  • Justin

    Expect the article soon!