Duke Nukem II Announced For iOS, Just In Time For Its 20th Anniversary [VIDEO]

Are you ready for side-scrolling, platform jumping, alien bashing, ladder climbing, world-saving slaughter spree? Well, you have had 20 years, so quit your bitching! Duke Nukem II for iOS has just been announced, which is the king of side-scrolling action games.

Just in time for its 20th anniversary you can re-live your childhood memories on iOS. That is right, Interceptor Entertainment has just announced Duke Nukem II for iOS that provides a definitive Duke II experience.

In 1993 Apogee released Duke Nukem II.  Its explosive action made it an instant side-scrolling classic. 20 years later, Interceptor Entertainment and 3DRealms have teamed up to bring Duke Nukem II back. Duke Nukem II for iOS lets you experience this 90′s classic all over again on the most popular gaming platform in the world!

Although no solid release date has been given we can be sure to expect the games release within the next few weeks. By the looks of the trailer the game looks polished and ready to get into fans’ hands.

Duke Nukem II Announced For iOS

It’s key features include:

  • Smooth Side Scrolling Action
  • Insane VGA Graphics
  • 256 Eye Popping Colors
  • Kick Ass Weapons
  • Amazing Interactive Environments
  • 32 Action Packed Levels
  • Full Touch Screen Support
  • Brutal New Artwork and Music
  • Save/Load, Replay and Track Your Score with Leaderboards

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are excited for the release of Duke Nukem II on iOS in the comments section below. As for an Android version nothing was announced, so it is likely this is an iOS exclusive for the time being.

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