Google Chrome Now Available In App Store For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Download Now]

We just told you about the announcement of the Google Chrome browser for iOS devices. In fact, at Day 2 of Google I/O, the company announced that Google Chrome and Drive will be available for iOS devices starting today. Google Drive has already appeared in the App Store, and now the Chrome browser has too.


Google’s own browser is now available on the App Store for iOS devices and it is here to take on the Safari browser. The company has been boasting about the speed of the browser for a long time now and even showed how smooth browsing on iOS is at the conference today. The Chrome browser will be available for both iPhone and iPad, which means that it’ll be a universal app. I’ve been using Chrome on my desktop and laptop for a long time now and I’ve never had any major complaints. It’ll be great to sync all my bookmarks across my iOS devices and the computer, also the active tabs.

Google Chrome iOS App Store

The design looks nice and clean, like all the other Google apps. The experience is just like the desktop browser, you can set your custom homepage with your most visited sites, see all the tabs that are currently open on your desktop and more. And yes, the app is pretty fast and smooth, but the web pages on average did load slower than Safari I found. You can add tabs from the top and when in Tab view mode, just swipe left or right to close the tab. To navigate between tabs, swipe left or right when in a page.

Google Chrome IPA Download

So far so good. However, to get the main screen, it seems like you have to go back all the way or close all the tabs. Other than that, everything is just great. Google, I believe, has done a pretty good job with the Chrome browser for iOS and I definitely like it already. It’s much better and has more to offer than the stock Safari browser. Try it out now!

Download Google Chrome for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

Once you have had a chance to try it out please leave your thoughts about it in the comments section.

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  • Aky Joe

    Yeah, I really like the sync feature. Restores all tabs and windows, quick-n-smart! ;)

  • sc00by555

    Just tried to get this and app store says its no longer available.

  • Xxx

    Thanks for the update…installed it…great app. Will definitely replace safari.

  • Blah

    HOLY CRAP!!! Chrome is a heck of a lot faster then Safari for my iPhone 4, I really didn’t expect that. Chrome will now be my main browser for iOS.

  • Jeremy Pera

    this is great! i just hope they update browser changer to include chrome!

  • Guest

    I can’t download this in my country, is it possible to get the IPA file?

  • Provy

    Hey Joe, how do you sync the bookmarks and stuffs?

  • R45EL

    Any chance of an IPA download because here, in the UK, it’s currently not available.

  • Aky Joe

    Below are the Bread-Butter Steps:

    [Step 1] First you will have to sync your PC browser with a “Google” account, where you can manage Sync Bookmark, Password and stuff.

    [Step 2] Use the same “Google” account in your Phone Browser.


  • Sid

    You could just open this page on your phone’s browser and click on the download link :) 

  • R45EL

    Well that’s what I did but it won’t let me install it for some unknown reason -.-

  • Matheus Bruno

    I need the .ipa file cause i can’t downloap app from itunes.
    someone could get me?

  • AntiEmerej

    Reading this currently on my chrome browser. The best feature that I found is the voice to text search in the address bar. “How do I close a tab with a swipe in Crome for iPod” is what I said to come here. Haha

    Well it’s a great app, and I suppose with all the updates, I found it considerably a lot faster than safari. I already traded out the browser on my dock for chrome.

    I was a fan before, I will be a fan now. Great app and thanks for the advice!