BlueStacks Beta Officially Released For Mac OS X And Windows, Run Android Applications On Your PC

On a train hurtling across Switzerland and individual lets his daughter use his Android phone to play a game. When they get to their destination the daughter wants to play the same game on her dad’s computer. The problem is however, the game isn’t available. Unlike most people who would just move on, an idea was formed. What if you could run Android apps on Windows / Mac OS X computers?

This lead to the birth of BlueStacks, an application that allows you to play a variety of Android applications on both Windows and Mac OS X computers. We reported on BlueStacks back in June when it was in its Alpha stages for Mac OS X, but now the beta version has just been released. In the beta version comes the ability to run every Android application that the Google Play Store has to offer. This beta update essentially makes BlueStacks on par with the Windows version that is now actually pre-installed on ASUS computers.

BlueStacks Beta Mac OS X And Windows

BlueStacks is becoming very popular to say the least and has actually passed the 5 million install mark. Thanks to partners such as AMD and ASUS BlueStacks looks like it has a bright future ahead of itself. Some of the upcoming improvements includes an App Discovery system to make it easier than ever to find apps.

If you are interested in trying the BlueStacks Beta for either Mac OS X or Windows you can download it by clicking here. What do you think of the idea of running Android applications on your computer? Let us know in the comments.

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  • CheraldyJB

    This is an Extremely great idea. I’ll always be an Apple fan till death but I just cant get over the fact that Apple is making the Jailbreak harderwith every Update :( so while our dream of getting a Jailbreak becomes reality im gonna go ahead and try this New element :)