DC Comics Now Offering Monthly Issues In The iBookstore (And Kindle, Nook Stores)

Comic book publishing giant DC Comics announced today that they’ll be bringing their monthly issues to the iBookstore, completing the trifecta of big ebook stores. They’re the first of the major comic publishers to publish their monthly single issues on iBookstore, the Kindle Store, and the Nook Store simultaneously, as Marvel has yet to make this move.

DC Comics

Many comics have been available digitally through comic-specific services like Comixology for quite some time now, but only recently have we seen comics move into the more mainstream digital outlets that sell regular books as well. It’s a move that is sure to bring DC some new readers, or perhaps some returning readers who have previously given up on keeping current with the physical monthly issues.

DC won’t be straying away from the comic book distribution platforms they’re already on, however. In a statement given to CNet, DC’s Senior VP of Digital said, “It’s not a move [away from Comixology], it’s an expansion. My charter is to go as wide as possible, and to expand to as many readers as possible. That’s what this is.”

For now, the offerings available on the big ebook stores will be mostly same-day current releases, which will become available on the digital platforms the same day they become available as physical editions in comic stores. Over time, DC plans to add as many back issues as possible to their digital distribution network, but it will take some time for this to become a reality.

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