Cydia App: USB Drive – Turn Your iPhone, iPod Touch Into A USB Mass Storage Device

I’m the type always using a mini USB stick to transfer pictures, word docs and files. Only problem I have, I don’t always carry my USB stick. The device with me at all times, is my iPhone. But, it didn’t work like a USB stick, until now.

USB Drive is an application from Cydia, which allows you to turn your iPhone into a USB mass storage device.

How to install:

*Your iPhone or iPod Touch must be jailbroken before continuing*

1. Launch Cydia, search for USB Drive, install.
2. Launch USB Drive app
3. Select the USB Mode Type. (Click Help to learn the differences)
4. Click on Create Disk…
5. Choose a name and size for your drive, push Create.
6. Once finished creating, you will see the drive name and size created.
7. Push Home button. *I recommend restart/reboot your device*
8. Connect USB cable
9. Enjoy your new USB Drive!

USB Drive is available in Cydia from the following repo:

If you come across any issues, leave a comment below…

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  • D-Bot

    I can find USB Drive on Cydia!?

  • D-Bot

    I can find USB Drive on Cydia!?

  • Dusty

    Yes, it’s on Cydia through repo.

  • Dusty

    Yes, it’s on Cydia through repo.

  • Ibrahim

    Yes I just installed it. But how can I find the root from ifile to locate the file in my iphone


  • Ibrahim

    Yes I just installed it. But how can I find the root from ifile to locate the file in my iphone


  • wong041192

    will this work on 3.1.3 using ipod touch 3rd gen?

  • Dusty

    I'm not sure, as I'm using an iPhone 3GS. If you try it. Let us know if it works.

  • Sendmesometrash

    To find it on Cydia, you need to add the source

    Please read up on how to use this, as it can potentiall mess up your disk partitions:

  • Sdfdsg

    not working…

  • ClintJCL

    I have a deadspot on my touch screen that prevents me from switching it to the mode I want :/

  • Kanenas

    I install it fine, I created a disk… but it wont mount on my Mac (running MacOS 10.6.6)

  • Alitebaby123

    download da link above on cydia

  • Bryan

    So then how do you get your computer to not recognize it as a USB Drive and as an iPod instead?

  • Timorobinsn

    i tried to do this and my pc isnt finding the file in my computer. any help?

  • guest

    It crashes when I launch the app.

  • Jspilkermathews

    I think it might have messed up my disk on my ipod. my ipod must’ve turned off when making a disk and now it isnt read as anything but a corrupt usb drive and doesnt show up in itunes. 

  • Muhasaresa

    Put it into dfu mode and restore via itunes…

  • cordo

    its happening to me but i did the partition just that now i cant erase it or change to default mode  

  • N

    not for me but maybe a reinstall will fix that lil problem of your

  • Charan

    able to use the USB drive however when trying to find the file stored
    on virtual disk. I’m unable to locate it on my iPhone using iFile.
    help, let me know the correct path where the files get stored on iPhone

  • Hhhh

    source doesnt work for me?

  • Tyler

    i installed it and had it set in usb mode but now i need to restore my ipod cuz stuff got corrupted and i cant because its still in usb mode………

  • Cc

    start in recovery mode and restore.. press home + power until it turns of and hold down home until itunes pops up with the message: “iTunes detected a device in need of recovery” or something like that

  • Fibola2000

    Ive installed it and its working great, the only problem is that it does something to the itunes.
    After i installed it , i tried to connect the iphone to cydia but there wasnt any recognition.
    I tried couple of Pc’s but they all failed to recognized the iphone.
    Finally i thought it might bebecause of this app, i remove it and walla, iphone was recognized.
    I tried to connect the iphone in both mode, one that there was a partition and one that there werent.

    Anyone else had this problem , what did you do ?

  • Fibola2000

    There is a mistake above, i ment i tried to connect iphobe to itunes not for cydia

  • Aaron

    Ya you can. Shut off your iPod, connect an end to your iPod but not the computer. Hold the home button and plug the iPod into your computer while continuing to hold the home button. And voila your apple device is on restore mode

  • Kennymoorman2007

    works on 2g 2gmc 3g and 1g but not 4g

  • Vitug23

    What font is that? I use to have it when i was jailbroken before but now i cant find it :(

  • memy02

    after a lot of work I finally got it to work but it is slow as balls. It doesn’t matter what computer I use the transfer rate is slower then dial up.

  • chriisspy

    After installing it, shortly after my iphone would not reboot.
    now i cannot restore it and i get itunes error 1600. i think this is realted to USB drive… any ideas?

  • Gtowndip

    im currently using this on my iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 it only works as drive you cant see it in itunes. in order to see it in itunes switch to default (reboot). if you have problems deleting the drive go into ifile varvolumes and delete it from there this is the only way to get your disk space back

  • yasir

    I used this Iphone app on my Iphone 3Gs, when create a drive its work but when i delete a that partition it take that space how can i restore my space.

  • Kris

    Sorry but it is very long to copy on the usb disk