Borderlands Legends Is Now Available For iPhone; HD Version Available For iPad

Mobile spinoffs of popular games are a often risky propositions for fans. Sometimes they promise to offer an expanded story and similar gameplay to the console game they’re based off of, sometimes they try something different, and all too often we walk away disappointed by a rushed game that captures little of what made the original so great. Borderlands Legends looked interesting, because it switches up the RPG-shooter mechanics for something that resembles a tactical RTS-strategy hybrid.

We know you’re only here for the loot.

Borderlands Legends puts you in charge of the original Borderlands squad–that’s Mordecai, Lilith, Roland, and Brick–and each has their own powers and skill path. The missions are all randomized, so you’ll never run out of levels to play, but it also means there’s not much of a story to Legends. The aim of the game is pretty much limited to leveling your squad and collecting the best weapons. The gameplay boasts thousands of weapons; guns purchasable at the end of a level are arranged by randomly generated stats and attributes. But with nothing to build towards, it all seems kind of aimless.

Reviews of the game have been middling at best. If you’re a rabid fan of Borderlands, you might want to install Legends, just to have a piece of that game on your phone or tablet, but the consensus is this isn’t one of those mobile tie-ins that truly captures the original’s greatness, which is a shame because I love tactical RPGs.

Borderlands Legends is available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99, and there’s also a HD version available for the iPads for $6.99.

Download Borderlands Legends for iPhone and iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

Download Borderlands Legends HD for iPad [iTunes Link]

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